Design services

Residential structures

We provide specific structural engineering design for residential projects, house structures, foundations, retaining walls, etc. We also produce structural drawings for consent and construction if required.

Commercial structures

We provide structural engineering design for commercial buildings. We can work with most common construction materials in NZ, timber and engineered timber, precast concrete, structural steels and block masonry. We also provide structural drawings for consent and construction and fabrication drawings if required.

Industrial structures

We design heavy industrial structures and equipment supports to suit the needs of industrial plants.

Bridge design and evaluation

We provide structural design for new bridges and bridge retrofits, either in rural or urban settings. We also inspect and evaluate existing bridge capacity.

Structural assessment

We assess existing structures and provide reports and recommendations. We have very strong first principles technical knowledge which allows us to assess most types of structures.

Seismic assessment

We provide initial and detailed seismic assessment (ISA & DSA) for buildings in accordance with NZSEE guideline and engineering principles. An ISA is a quick screening and a DSA is more accurate detailed assessment. Both assessments report seismic capacity as a percentage of new building standard (%NBS).

Retrofit / Seismic retrofit

When existing structures are not quite enough, we can design retrofit / strengthening. We also provide structural drawings for consent and construction drawings if required.

Construction review

We provide construction review services (construction monitoring). We review construction documents, construction sequence and methodology. We inspect, test and certify construction works at required critical stages.

Design peer review

We can peer review design completed by other structural engineers.