About Us

Structural Sense Ltd. has been established as an online engineering design firm. We make the best use of the technology in our operation and make savings by cutting down huge overheads once required for traditional business models. We invest a portion of the savings in improving the quality of our works so our works get better over time. We pass the rest of the savings to our clients by delivering more at the same price.

We also have a small physical office in the Bay of Islands where one of our engineers has been working since 2007. The office provides services to the whole Far North region. The Bay of Islands is where our journey began.

We invest significantly and constantly in upskilling our engineers and in suitable modern design tools so we always stay ahead of the game. The rules and regulations governing structural engineering designs are continuously changing at a faster pace than we think. Calculations on the back of fag paper once used to be sufficient but now the same calculation has to be a few tens A4 pages to be able to demonstrate compliance. Our engineers use a combination of manual approach to allow the use professional judgement and software automation approach to reduce time and minimise human errors for repetitive tasks.

We deliver structural design documentation that makes sense (Therefore, we call ourselves Structural Sense!). Our design documents are complete. We believe in providing quality design documents to minimise risk on your project and avoid any delays due to unclear design information. We produce design documents that can be used to reconstruct the design case in the future, by any structural engineers, if required.

We do manage projects (within our scope) and ensure we deliver on time. Our engineers have extensive experience ranging from small residential to large international projects so we understand the construction industry, project life cycles and how to (and not to) manage projects.

We do communicate. From our experience, one of the biggest frustrations is that clients are not accurately and timely informed about their projects so they cannot plan subsequent tasks on their side. We have been in those shoes ourselves and we know we can do better. We take a few steps in ensuring our clients are well informed throughout the process. Our communication serves two purposes; keeping the clients informed and keeping ourselves on track.

Finally, our greatest mission is to improve and maintain the well-being of society. Structural engineers play an important role in society in ensuring that people live and work under safe buildings built on stable grounds, commute over strong bridges, and are provided with utilities from robust structures.

We are proud to be structural engineers.