Seismic Assessment

Seismic Assessment Services in New Zealand

Earthquakes are a reality in New Zealand. Even small-scale earthquakes can cause harm and damage buildings. Large earthquakes can be devasting. It’s important, therefore, to take steps to ensure our buildings and structures are secure and can withstand an earthquake event.

At Structural Sense, we provide expert seismic assessment services so you can get a full understanding of the stability of your building in various earthquake scenarios. This will help you plan for the future, including carrying out remedial work if necessary.

Seismic assessments can also be a requirement of your insurance policy, or as part of a property transaction.

When you come to us, you can be sure of the quality of the assessment that we provide as we have extensive experience in the structural engineering industry. This experience includes carrying out seismic assessments on a wide range of properties including houses, apartment blocks, commercial properties, industrial properties, bridges, and other structures.

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The Structural Sense Difference

  • Our team is based in Paihia, but we provide services throughout Northland and across New Zealand
  • Our structural engineers are fully qualified and experienced
  • We use the latest technology, including the latest CAD and 3D design tools
  • Our team is professional and hard working

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